ISYS111 - Fundamentals of Business Information Systems

10 cp
Prerequisites: Nil
Teaching Organisation: 3 hours per week for twelve weeks or equivalent.

In today's dynamic digital business environment, information technology and information systems are transforming the world into only a small place, and contributing to heightened global competition. They are also helping many businesses gain competitive advantage by achieving operational excellence, developing new products, services and business models, providing outstanding customer service, and improving decision-making capabilities. Understanding of information systems, how they work and how they are managed is essential to harness their enormous power in any organisation and business environment.

This unit is an introduction to information systems in business and other types of organisation. It explains how and why information systems are critical to achieving organisational goals. Different types of information system are examined and contemporary issues relevant to information and information systems are discussed. The unit also provides an overview of information and communication technologies and includes a practical introduction to spreadsheet, database and e-portfolio systems. It is relevant to students in all fields of study.

The primary aim of the unit is to empower learners with fundamental knowledge of business information systems and basic practical IT skills, in order for them to become informed and responsible users of IT, acting for the common good of humanity while being immediately successful when joining an organisation.