HRMG308 - Strategic Hrm: Analytics, Metrics Human Capital

10 cp
HRMG200 Applied Human Resource Management
Teaching Organisation 3 hours per week for twelve weeks or equivalent

To achieve sustainable business outcomes, human resource management (HRM) is making a more strategic contribution through evidence based human resource practices including the application of human resource analytics and metrics in strategic and operational decision making. To be an effective human resource practitioner you will need knowledge and understanding the strategic link between HRM and value creation and the application of human resource analytics and metrics. In this unit, you will develop your knowledge of strategic HRM theories and frameworks, the alignment of HR functions to business strategies, the concepts underpinning evidence based HRM, application of the theories and models of HR analytics and human capital in strategic HRM decision making processes and planning and measuring the effectiveness of HRM programs. You will apply your knowledge in supporting organisational decision making. The aim of this unit is to provide knowledge and build understanding of strategic HRM through the use of evidence based HRM, the practical application of analytics and measurement in HRM, its role, methods, and current state of knowledge, and the practical implications and applications of this knowledge, particularly to decision-making about HR programs and initiatives.