HLSC662 - Leading Change in Health Services

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Teaching Organisation

This capstone unit builds on previous units in the course that focused on organisational culture and management (HLSC603), quality and safety in health care (HLSC604), leadership (HLSC605) and resource management (HLSC606). These are critical aspects for effective leadership in a healthcare environment. Understanding organisational culture is essential for leading staff in managing resources for innovative practice improvement and implementing change processes.

In this unit students will be supported to create strategies for organisational change founded on critical application of change theory, collaborative communication, workforce management and effective leadership. This unit is required by students who will, as leaders in driving change, need to predict potential outcomes of change and the impact on workforce, organisational performance and safety and quality improvement.

The aim of this unit is to develop health care leaders who will demonstrate competencies necessary to address health service challenges and lead staff in opportunities for capacity building and quality improvement in a complex, evolving environment from both a national and international perspective.