HLSC661 - Facilitative Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

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Leaders and managers in health care are expected to have a range of skills necessary to meet the challenges involved in leading their staff through a diverse and dynamic workplace environment. These challenges include: ensuring patient safety; managing staff productivity, performance and retention as well as taking lead responsibility for quality improvement and cost efficiencies. Meeting these challenges requires effective skills that guide and shape practice improvement through facilitative processes that promote staff engagement, empowerment and retention, support team cohesion and collaboration and are more likely to result in a safe and high quality healthcare environment. Facilitative leadership, coaching and mentoring is based on mutual respect, trust and value alignment resulting in collective responsibility for patient safety, and fosters innovation in practice by promoting creativity and critical thinking.

This unit aims to prepare students with facilitative leadership, coaching and mentoring skills that are required to build their capacity to apply a systems approach in facilitating, coaching and mentoring staff in working effectively together for the common good in a variety of healthcare settings.