HLSC659 - Strategic Management in Health Service Delivery

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Teaching Organisation

Strategic management in health service delivery addresses health system design, delivery and evaluation. Globalisation has brought the need for healthcare management to be strategically planned and delivered with an awareness of both local and global implications because a broad-based response or approach may be required to address health service issues. This unit is required for students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge and skills, including critical analytical skills, required to apply a contextual, integrative approach to strategic management in health service delivery.

In this unit students will consider the broad context of strategic health service management with reference to health service funding and health service delivery. Students will reflect on how awareness of strategy as it applies to health-related issues can influence consumer advocacy and political lobbying for the common good. In critically evaluating strategic, contemporary health service management students will develop skills in addressing national and international health priorities from a long term, consultative, social justice and equity perspective.

The aim of this unit is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical basis underpinning health care management strategy and the ability to evaluate the implications of strategic decisions on health outcomes.