HLSC647 - Quantitative Research Methods

10 cp
HLSC640 Interpreting Health Research
Prerequisites: For students undertaking the Master of Health Science Research or Master of Public Health) – HLSC621 Introduction to Health Sciences Research
Teaching Organisation: 150 hours of focused learning

This unit supports students in developing the ability to identify contemporary and relevant research questions, research design and research methods for quantitative data collection and analysis. Students will be supported to develop skills in analysing and synthesising complex information, including concepts and theories associated with quantitative research processes. Students will be supported to develop advanced decision–making skills in response to emerging challenges in health care that require advanced knowledge and skill of descriptive and inferential statistical methods as well as the ability to analyse research validity and reliability.

The aim of the unit is to develop students’ ability to use quantitative research methods in the context of health related research, in developing a quantitative research proposal and in report writing.