HLSC640 - Interpreting Health Research

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning.

An understanding of evidence–based practice and different research approaches is fundamental to research inquiry in any scientific discipline. Thus, this unit is essential in providing an opportunity for students who are health practitioners, to ask, acquire, interpret, analyse, synthesise, and integrate evidence to facilitate ongoing improvement in healthcare practice. Additionally, an understanding of the principles and philosophical positions underpinning different research approaches in health care is essential for postgraduate students to critically evaluate research literature, and to undertake health inquiry, workplace projects or health research.

This unit addresses issues of evidence–based knowledge development and the methods and processes that health disciplines apply to health inquiry, project and research processes within a person–centred care environment. Ways to evaluate solutions to complex clinical issues/problems in the health care environment and formulate a relevant question/topic are addressed. In addition, students will develop skills to search for, read and interpret relevant literature, along with approaches to analysis and synthesis of literature as a preparatory step in writing a literature review for a proposed health inquiry, workplace project or health research.

This unit aims to develop confidence and competence in the application of evidence–based practice and interpretation of health literature.