HLSC623 - Research Dissertation Part a

Prerequisites HLSC640 Interpreting Health Research; and either HLSC646 Qualitative Research Methods or HLSC647 Quantitative Research Methods; AND a minimum GPA of 6.0 across completed units plus approval from the relevant Head of School or delegate
Teaching Organisation 300 hours of focussed learning

This unit and HLSC624 Research Dissertation Part B involve the completion of a research project leading to the preparation of an academic Dissertation normally up to 15,000 and no more than 18,000 words in length. This unit is required by students to ensure the fulfilment of the requirements of their Master course, that is, the Australian Qualifications Framework’s requirement for independent project work in the Master by coursework.

This unit supports students in applying a range of theoretically-based advanced knowledge and skills that foster culturally safe, high quality effective health care through the identification of a research question and the ability to formulate a defensible research proposal based on a review of the most relevant available literature. Under the guidance of an approved supervisor the student will then conduct an individual research project in order to provide insight into the research question. Thus, students will be supported to evaluate the role of evidence-based ethical practice in creating an effective solution to a unique health-related administrative, leadership, educational or clinical challenge. The resultant enquiry will be reported in the form of a Dissertation to be submitted for independent examination.

The aim of this unit is to provide students with the opportunity to undertake self-motivated study and transition to life-long learning as a self-reliant and critically reflective professional.