HLSC607 - Policy and Planning in Health Care

10 cp
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning.

As an aspiring health care leader, it is essential for students to understand the contexts within which healthcare decisions are made including social, economic, political and technological contexts, among others. While many healthcare decisions are made at the local level, decisions made at policy level will have an impact on all levels of health care and on all practitioners working within the health care system. Accordingly, this unit supports students in developing the ability to plan, implement and evaluate policy–related strategies that promote effective, culturally safe health service administration in a variety of health settings and among diverse communities, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Students will also be supported to develop specialised skills in analysing and evaluating solutions to complex problems that are associated with policy development, planning and implementation as well as the consequential outcomes of policy decisions.

This unit provides the opportunity for students to analyse issues that relate to policy development, planning and implementation in health care service delivery in Australia. This unit is founded on a social justice and equity framework with a special focus on evaluating policies that impact on the health of disadvantaged people, as well as on strategies that will reform policymaking, delivery and financing of health care in Australia.

The aim of this unit is to provide opportunity for students to explore policy decision–making processes, to analyse underlying assumptions associated with policy decisions, to evaluate outcomes of policy decisions and to appraise potential issues for policy reform.