HLSC606 - Workforce Management

10 cp
Teaching Organisation: 150 hours of focused learning.

Health administrators today need to be able to effectively manage the health care workforce within their area of responsibility. Therefore, this unit is necessary for current and future health administrators, who will be able to apply evidence–based knowledge and skills to analyse, evaluate, generate and communicate solutions to complex problems such as forecasting workforce demand and supply, staff recruitment and retention and facilitating employee wellbeing and engagement. Health administrators who have specialised knowledge and skill in ensuring organisational best fit by aligning individual employee goals with organisational goals, who are skilled in evaluating workforce–related problems and who employ ethical approaches to workforce management are in a good position to provide their organisation with a competitive advantage within the health sector.

In this unit, workforce management principles and practices will be critically examined. Strategies and skills to promote employee well–being while maximising the allocation and use of resources and enhance accountability will be discussed. Employment relations, diversity, ethics, employee well–being and social responsibility will be critically analysed within this context.

This unit aims to provide students with an opportunity to discuss the theories that relate to the management of resources in health care organisations and to develop knowledge and skills relevant to workforce management to ensure that health care organisations are well–equipped to meet current and future workforce needs.