HLSC604 - Quality and Safety in Health Care

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning.

Adverse events and poor quality care can have a significant impact on health care costs and health system sustainability. This unit is essential for future leaders in health care who need to have specialised knowledge and skill in applying effective quality measures to administer culturally safe health services across a variety of healthcare contexts.

In this unit, students will explore the emergence of the quality movement and accreditation and safety standards that have been progressively driven by consumer expectations around safe, quality care, in preparing to become effective health care administrators. This foundational knowledge is required to enable interpretation and evaluation of quality and safety processes and to develop a repertoire of quality improvement tools used to create strategies that improve quality and safety processes.

The aim of this unit is to ensure that students can effectively promote quality and safety leading to better health outcomes as well as cost efficiencies in a variety of health care settings. Managing health care in this way ensures that safe, quality care is a transformative process of continuous improvement that respects the dignity of individuals and contributes to the common good.