HLSC603 - Organisational Culture and Management

10 cp
Teaching Organisation: 150 hours of focused learning.

Health professional demographics show an ageing workforce. Health professionals who are quite new in their careers will increasingly be offered higher level duties in terms of health leadership and management positions. These management positions will be within an environment that is both complex and dynamic, but where quality and safety are paramount. One aspect of the complexity of health service organisations is organisational culture.

This unit is important for students, who are positioned in, or aspiring to, health leadership or management roles and who will need specialised knowledge and skill in evaluating solutions to complex problems associated with the dynamics of organisational culture. In this unit, students will critically analyse healthcare organisations and the management of healthcare staff from within the context of organisational culture. This aspect of health administration will be considered from within a framework of safety and quality and with the notion of a safety-culture being highlighted. Strategies to create safe and supportive workplace cultures will be considered.

The aim of this unit is to provide students with a sound understanding of theories of organisational culture and the dynamic inter-relationship between the structure of health services and the agency of the health practitioner in order to enable them to implement effective management strategies that are both safe and conducive to quality healthcare.