HIST342 - A History of the Present

10 cp
Prerequisites: 10 cp from 200-level units in History
Incompatible Units: HIST330 Contemporary World History
Teaching Organisation: Nil

Historical context is vital to understand the present, and this unit teaches students how to analyse current events and media reports through researching and understanding historical antecedents.

This unit will survey the ethnic, social, political, religious, economic and technological forces which have shaped current and recent events around the world. The unit will draw on case studies from across the globe and expose the way historical forces have shaped present-day conflicts, events and challenges. The case studies will derive from the post-World War II and Post Cold-War era and examine issues such as the rise of new ethnic nationalisms, decolonisation, ideological, ethnic and religious conflicts, gender and sexual minorities and the position of charismatic leaders. Particular attention will be paid to regions and events not covered in other History units, contributing to students’ development as well-rounded historians.

The aim of the unit is to explore the importance of history to explain current events and equip students with the analytical tools to relate historic events to current social debates.