HIST341 - History and Memory Uses and Abuses of the Past

10 cp
Prerequisites: 10 cp from 200-level units in History
Teaching Organisation: Nil

Over the past three decades, historians have increasingly interrogated the power of memory in shaping ideas and knowledge about the past. This unit teaches students about the relationship between history and memory, with a particular focus on local and international case studies. The unit is designed to offer students an understanding of the often controversial relationship between historians and other key stakeholders, such as politicians, cultural institutions, the media and the public. Central themes explored are: the link between history and nation-building, as seen in monuments and commemorative practices; the role of history in ‘identity politics’ of minority groups; and the difficulties of exhibiting and displaying history and heritage in museums and historic sites. Students will develop historical skills using primary and secondary sources to research the key debates in relation to how the past is remembered. Students will apply the theories and methods of historians to case studies from various regional settings and reflect on the different ways in which the past is presented, interpreted and used by individuals, groups and communities. The aim of this unit is to provide students with a knowledge of the connections between past and present, the politics of remembering, and the use and abuse of history.