HIST308 - Making History

10 cp
Prerequisites: 20 cp from 200/300 level units in History
Teaching Organisation: Nil

This capstone unit examines key conceptual and practical tools that historians use to create and debate history, and provides history graduates with an overarching understanding of the profession. The unit introduces students to key historical techniques and conceptual approaches to writing history, demonstrates how these can be applied to specific case studies, and explores the ways in which historical skills can be applied to a range of social debates. It then leads students through the process of applying this knowledge to their own independent original piece of historical work which will engage with at least one of the key theories or methodologies of the unit through community engagement or other active research approaches, and may be presented in written, oral or multi-media formats. By allowing students to apply what they have learned about the past to significant contemporary conversations about history, this unit aims to equip history graduates with the skills to critically examine assumptions about the nature of history and to understand the role of the historian in real world applications and across a range of professional contexts.