HIST261 - The Rise of Asia in the Modern World

10 cp
Prerequisites: 10 cp from 100-level units in History or Politics and International Relations
Incompatible: HIST219 Modern South East Asia
Teaching Organisation: Nil

Asia is a diverse and dynamic region, and being able to place the people, cultures and politics of Asia in an historical perspective is an important part of being an informed global citizen. By introducing students to the long and rich histories of this region, this unit provides key contexts for explaining the nature and diversity of modern Asian nations. The unit begins by considering the Asian world before the ages of empires and colonialism, then examines the impact of centuries of imperialism in the region. The unit concludes with a study of the post-colonial era, asking why some Asian nations have been able to emerge as world powers, while others remain amongst the most disadvantaged in the world.The unit encourages students to think critically about the results of colonisation, in terms of cultural impact and long-term influence and develops these concepts through selected case studies. The aim of the unit is to familiarise students with histories of cultural, social, economic and political change in Asia, contemporary debates about Asian history, and the significance of these for understanding the place of Asia in the contemporary world.