HIST230 - Life and Death in Pompeii

10 cp
Prerequisites: 10 cp from 100-level units in History
Teaching Organisation: Nil

The site of Pompeii has fascinated archaeologists, historians and tourists alike for centuries. Yet, despite its popularity, little is known about the people who lived there. This unit will engage with different types of evidence in an examination of the Roman town of Pompeii within the context of the Roman Empire of the first century. Areas of study include the eruption of Vesuvius which buried Pompeii in 79, the town’s rebirth as an archaeological site, and the political, social, cultural, economic and religious lives of the town’s first-century inhabitants. Evidence from Herculaneum will also be considered where appropriate.

The aim of this unit, is to develop a student’s understanding of the importance of the site of Pompeii in its historical context and to explore what this site can tell researchers about what it was like to live in a provincial town in the first century of the Roman Empire.