HIST214 - Immigrants and Refugees in Australian History

10 cp
Prerequisites: 10 cp from 100-level units in History or Sociology
Teaching Organisation: Nil

Understanding Australia’s multicultural past is necessary for historians, teachers and a range of professions interested in people and policy. This unit explores the experiences of people travelling to Australia and the patterns of interaction and change that developed in different regions of Australia as a result of the impact of immigrants and refugees. Using case studies and real stories this unit provides students with a chance to think about the history of displacement and exclusion as well as diversity and inclusion and to consider the long history of political debate connected to immigration. Students will use active research techniques to do “hands-on” history projects connecting individual case studies to a range of periods and contexts. The aim of the unit is to explore Australia’s rich history of immigration in the context of different periods and types of migration worldwide and the motivating factors that stimulated different phases and stages of migration.