HIST209 - Revolutionary Europe 1789-1917

10 cp
Prerequisites: 10 cp from 100-level units in History or Politics and International Relations
Teaching Organisation: Nil

Europe during the ‘long’ nineteenth century from the French Revolution of 1789 until the 1917 Russian Revolution profoundly influenced the course of modern history, giving birth to, incubating, or accelerating many of the political, ideological, economic, social and cultural forces that we associate with the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In this unit, we will examine the causes, character and consequences of some of these developments, as well as important continuities. We will apply a variety of historical methods and approaches, and work with different types of primary and secondary sources, in order to investigate and research major topics. Where appropriate, the unit will focus on specific nation or theme-based case studies in order to ‘drill down’ into key issues and debates.

The aim of this unit is to develop students’ capacity to examine historically processes of change and continuity in Europe, 1789-1917, and the global consequences of European developments.