GLST300 - Global Study International Internship

40 cp
Prerequisites At least 100 cp of study from the Global Studies double degree
This unit is subject to a strict application and approvals process. Only students who have received formal Faculty approval for their proposed internship can enrol on the unit.
Teaching Organisation Nil

The Global Studies International Internship is available, subject to a formal application and approval process, to Global Studies students who wish to undertake an international work placement as an alternative to study abroad for their compulsory international semester. This unit supports students to plan for future study and career development in a globalised world, building cultural awareness and global competency (i.e. students’ capacity to effectively interact in a globally interdependent world), and allows them to experience the environment of a real workplace and how needs are identified and resources are allocated to achieve organisational objectives. Such an approach works to ensure that students develop important transferable skills in an area of employment that relates to their academic studies and enables them to work effectively, both as an individual and as a member of a team, to achieve organisational goals. Throughout the international internship students will be able to apply the knowledge, understanding and skills that they have acquired at university to the workplace, and to integrate classroom and work–based learning through practice and reflection.