GEOG306 - Extreme Earth: Natural Hazards, Risk and Vulnerability

10 cp
Prerequisites: 20 cp of 200–level Geography units
Teaching Organisation: Lectures, tutorials and fieldwork. Three hours per week for twelve weeks or equivalent.

This unit provides an understanding of some of the deadliest and most destructive forces of nature and their impact on society. Topics covered include local and global scale natural hazards (severe storms, floods, drought, bushfire, biohazards, earthquakes and tsunami) and their impact on humans. This unit will focus on key local and international case studies of natural hazards to examine the human and environmental circumstances that lead to natural disasters. Questions pertaining to the role of international aid and risk management (including mitigation, protection and adaptation strategies), and the long–term challenge of recovery, will be discussed. Students will apply and further develop skills and knowledge from earlier units in physical geography to the study and management of natural hazards, including key skills in collaborative research, project direction, spreadsheet and statistical software skills and report writing.