GEOG207 - Precarious States Development Geopolitics and Livelihoods

10 cp
Prerequisites: GEOG101 Exploring Human Environments or HIST115 Global History: Six degrees of Separation
Incompatible: GEOG200 Development in South East Asia AND GLST201 Global Change and Development
Teaching Organisation: Nil

In the 21st century, the global geopolitical map is in a constant state of flux as nations shape and re-shape their development, security and migration policies in response to both the geography of the world, the actions of other states, and the availability of resources, climate shifts and other powerful externalities. To understand our world and the geopolitical forces that shape it, we must first comprehend the causes of conflict and poverty and the strategies for their elimination. This unit aims to provide students with an introduction to geopolitics and key theories and frameworks used in Geography to account for the social, spatial and environmental inequalities in global development. Working with case studies selected largely from the Asia-Pacific region, this unit examines the history of development processes, the geography and politics of development actions, linkages between resources, environment and conflict in the developing world, and critical approaches to development. The theoretical background to geopolitics and development used to frame these topics means this unit is particularly valuable to Global and International Development Studies students, students taking geography, as well as those enrolled in Politics and International Relations, History, Commerce, Law and Business programs.