GEOG101 - Global Human Environments

10 cp
Prerequisites: Nil
Teaching Organisation: Nil

To be effective as a geographer you need to be able to examine the relationships between people and places and build an understanding of places and their populations worldwide. This is particular relevant to students today, where an understanding of the location of places and their cultural characteristics is needed to successfully comprehend and appreciate our increasingly interdependent and complex world.This unit is an introduction to Human Geography, a diverse subject that examines the relationships between people and places. The aim of this unit is to introduce key subject areas in Human Geography that will enable you to gain an appreciation and understanding of places and their populations worldwide. Patterns of social, economic and cultural diversity (and difference) are examined from the perspective of local, national and international situations. The five main subject areas you will cover in this unit are: Historical Geography, Population Geographies, Urban Geographies, Cultural Geographies and Economic Geographies. Indigenous perspectives of Geography are woven through the unit, as with other ACU Geography units, to examine core geographic concepts such as space, place, territory, land, from an intercultural perspective. This unit will also introduce key skills in Human Geography, such as field work and mapping, skills that will be useful in wide range of subject areas and degrees, and for future employment opportunities.