EXSC317 - Data Analytics in Sport

10 cp
Prerequisites: EXSC120 Mechanical Bases of Exercise and EXSC217 Research and Ethics in Exercise Science
Teaching Organisation: Nil

The use of appropriate techniques for data collection, storage, analysis and visualisation to accurately interpret competition and training information, and the communication of these outcomes in ways that can be implemented by athletes, coaches and support staff to optimise sporting performance, is essential for a professional working in high performance sport.

This unit addresses statistical, coding and management principles for the collection and analysis of data in field and laboratory settings. The types of data collected in elite sport will be explored, as well as techniques and systems used in storing, analysing and visualising these data, and ways of summarizing and presenting these data to stakeholders. The unit aims to provide students with ethically-grounded, industry-relevant knowledge and skills in data handling, analysis and reporting, and the ability to interpret and present findings in a meaningful way to a variety of audiences.