EXSC316 - Nutrition for Sport Performance

10 cp
Prerequisites: EXSC118 Exercise and Nutrition or NUTR101 Introduction to Nutrition and EXSC198 Physiological Bases of Exercise or BIOL234 Nutritional Physiology
Teaching Organisation: Nil

Sports nutrition links food with physical performance. It refers to the nutritional needs of all active people, including athletes. Nutrition provides the fuel for exercise and the essential elements for growth, maintenance and repair of the body’s tissues. In sporting contexts, athletes and coaches recognise that sound nutrition is critical to sporting success, with the composition, amount and timing of food intake profoundly affecting performance. This unit will address both the scientific and applied aspects of nutrition for sports performance by examining the nutritional guidelines proposed to optimise exercise performance and the principles underpinning these recommendations. The aim of the unit is to provide the knowledge, understanding and skills for critically evaluating nutritional practices for sports performance and for communicating and delivering general nutritional advice to athletes, within appropriate scope of practice and referral pathways, consistent with the professional standards for Exercise Scientists.