EXSC310 - Strength and Conditioning: Fundamentals of Athlete Preparation

10 cp
PrerequisitesEXSC216 Resistance Training: Science and Application or EXSC204 Exercise, Testing, Prescription and Delivery
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning.

The effective design and delivery of training programs to enhance athletic performance requires an understanding of the requirements of different sports and the physical capacities of athletes. This unit is based on scientific principles and practices of strength and conditioning/sports science, including the utilization of current research and technology. The unit aims to provide students with a framework to quantify activity profiles in different sports, objectively assess levels of strength, speed and endurance in athletes and monitor the fatigue response. Practical skills associated in activity profiling and fitness assessment are embedded within this unit and students will be introduced to fundamental components of training program design. In addition, students will develop a variety of data analytical skills applicable to the athletic environment. These knowledge and skills are consistent with the professional standards for Strength and Conditioning and Exercise Scientist accreditation.