EXSC303 - Exercise Behaviour Change

10 cp
Prerequisites: EXSC296 Health and Exercise Psychology and either, EXSC204 Exercise Testing, Prescription and Delivery or EXSC216 Resistance Training: Science and Application
Incompatibles: EXSC335 Advanced Exercise and Sport Psychology
Teaching Organisation: 150 hours of focused learning.

Combining skills from different sub-disciplines within the exercise sciences is important to be an effective and dynamic practitioner, and to be consistent with professional standards including those for Exercise Science. The purpose of this unit is to combine your skills from previous units (e.g., EXSC204, EXSC216, EXSC296) and apply them 1) to an initial assessment with an individual client, and 2) to prescription and delivering of exercise to an individual client and a group. To demonstrate learning outcomes for this unit, you will conduct an initial one-on-one consultation, defend the prescription and delivery of a program you design for an individual client, and prescribe and deliver exercise sessions with a group.