EXSC216 - Resistance Training: Science and Application

10 cp
Prerequisites: EXSC198 Physiological Bases of Exercise
Teaching Organisation: 150 hours of focused learning.

The ability to prescribe and deliver safe, appropriate and effective exercise programs with an evidence-based, best practice approach, to meet the specific health, fitness and/or performance goals of individuals, is central to exercise science practice. These knowledge and skills are consistent with the professional standards of several accreditation bodies, including those for Exercise Science. This unit is based on scientific principles and practices of strength and conditioning. It provides students with a fundamental framework to design, implement and coach resistance training, within a safe and ethical context. Practical experience of resistance training is embedded within this unit. A range of methodologies will be presented and how these can be integrated within an individual's lifestyle to achieve a training goal or outcome. The aim of this unit is to provide students with the knowledge, understanding and skills, integrated with other sub-disciplines in exercise science, to conduct and interpret strength and power assessments, and prescribe and deliver resistance training programs to apparently healthy individuals and groups across the lifespan.