EXSC187 - Growth, Motor Development and Ageing

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning.

An understanding of the impact of growth, motor development and ageing, across the lifespan, on the systems and motor output of the human body is central to all disciplines of exercise science practice, foundational to the further study and application of exercise science and critical in the attainment of exercise scientist accreditation. You will be exposed to knowledge on pre- and post-natal growth, the effect of growth, maturation and ageing on key human physiological systems, the process of motor development, the classification of skills, the effects of constraints on motor skill acquisition and some fundamental motor learning theory. You will gain skills in applying this knowledge to complete assessment of human fundamental movement patterns.

These knowledge, understanding and skills will be further expanded on in later units of study, particularly EXSC230 - Motor Control and Learning. Therefore, the aim of this unit is to provide you with much of the foundational knowledge for Exercise Scientist accreditation and practice, preparation for further study in the sub-discipline of Motor Control and integration of these elements to perform fundamental movement assessments.