EXSC119 - From Health to High Performance Sport

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching Organisation

An understanding of the key industries in which exercise science professionals and sporting coaches work, and the variety of roles they fulfil, is fundamental to providing context and clarity to students with respect to their studies in exercise science and high performance sport, and to their career decision-making. This unit explores the multifaceted, cross-disciplinary sectors in which exercise science professionals and coaches work, from the health sector to high performance sport. Contemporary knowledge, practices and recommendations in these fields of expertise are examined, from maintaining health and physical activity, through to athlete and team preparation and management, to meet the specific health, fitness and/or sporting performance goals of clients. There is particular emphasis on the roles of accredited professionals in exercise science, exercise physiology, sports science, strength and conditioning, and coaching. This unit aims to develop these knowledge and skills consistent with the professional standards for Exercise Scientist and Strength and Conditioning accreditation, providing an integrated understanding across the sub-disciplines of exercise science practice.