ENTR201 - Entrepreneurial Mindset

10 cp
Prerequisites ACCT100 Introduction to Accounting or BUSN104 Money Matters; BUSN111 Working with Technology, BUSN112 Managing Markets, BUSN113 Managing People and Organisations
Incompatible MGMT210 Entrepreneurial Mindset
Teaching organisation 12 weeks or equivalent.

Nowadays success in new businesses is progressively reliant on entrepreneur’s ingenuity; a risk–taker, independent, future–oriented and tenacious proactive mindset. Such a mentality along with effective collaboration and communication skills with business actors/partners and community has been identified as one of the key antecedents to new venture’s financial and social success. Even in large–scale and on–going organisations most of the employers are increasingly demanding these skills from the job market.

This unit arms students (as future entrepreneurial leaders) with the abilities and skills to future–proof themselves, adopting mental models that allow for a solid start to and succeeding in their preferred occupation (especially as self–employed entrepreneurs). Students focus on taking on a systematic approach to identifying start–up problems and figuring out solutions, arming themselves with the knowledge and capabilities (at the individual level) to succeed in the future of their profession.

The major aim of this unit is to enhance students’ knowledge of the benefits of an entrepreneurial mindset in any type of entity and enable them to identify the key contingency requirements for an entrepreneurial mindset.