ENGL333 - Global Literary Cultures

10 cp
Prerequisites 10 cp from 200–level unit in Literature or English

As an advanced scholar in the field of literary studies it is essential to have an understanding of and a capacity to analyse and explain modern texts of international significance published in English and in translation. In this unit students will apply the conceptual knowledge and analytical skills developed in earlier units to a study of texts of different genres reflecting diverse cultural contexts and perspectives. Students will critically review postcolonial and settler colonial literatures, as well as transnational, cosmopolitan and world Indigenous literatures, to inform and develop evidence–based arguments that offer interpretations of texts within a framework underpinned by theories of global literary studies. Students will critically analyse literary representations of race, conflict, religion, gender, immigration, and justice. The aim of this unit is to provide students with opportunities to develop and creatively investigate big–picture questions, drawing on the central issues and debates in global literary studies.