ENGL140 - Children's Literature Worlds of Fiction

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching Organisation

This unit introduces students to texts and ways of reading within the field of literature for children and young adults. The unit will enable the student to generate their own readings of children's literature texts while considering theoretical approaches to the historical, cultural and linguistic aspects of the texts studied. It will consider the origins and historical development of literature for children and young adults as well as current debates about representation, reception and textual politics of children's literature. As illustrations are a crucial element in children's literature and graphic novels for older readers, the unit will examine how artistic techniques and the technologies of printing have enabled new genres and formats to develop. This unit will offer students the opportunity to read and analyse a wide array of works for children and young adults and to consider how the creation and reception of these texts for young readers is informed by, and connects to, broader issues and debates in the field.