ENGL111 - Literature Across Time and Space

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil

Engaging with the changing nature of writing over time and analysing a work in the context of the period in which it was written are key foundational skills for the emerging literary studies scholar. In this unit, students will survey different periods of literary production in the rich tradition of literature in English, including the Early Modern period, the Renaissance, the Romantic era, the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries and learn the characteristics of each of these periods. This unit will require students to place texts within their geographical and historical context while developing an understanding of how the function, form and meaning of literature changes. Students will be introduced to the cultural context, including artistic debates and developments of movements such as realism, modernism and postmodernism. The aim of this unit is to gain knowledge of a wide range of literature while developing a chronological schema that will be the foundation of future literary analysis.