ENGL110 - Reading Literature Form and Genre

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Incompatible ENGL104 Exploring Literature

Reading, describing and interpreting literary texts and genres are each central to the work undertaken by professionals working in literary fields such as writing, publishing, teaching and research. In this unit you will learn to identify and explain how genre and form influence meaning in a range of literary texts including poems, shorts stories, novels and drama and use key formal and stylistic concepts and terms that identify and define a range of literary genres. Through the process of reading and responding to literary texts, students will also have opportunities to question and critically discuss different forms of books and writing both in classes and in assessment tasks. Additionally, students will learn basic research and writing skills to identify, access and properly incorporate scholarly material relevant to literary analysis. This unit aims to provide foundational knowledge and skills in reading, categorising and interpreting texts of different genres and supports the development of basic analytic methods critical to understanding and communicating about literary texts.