EMGT201 - Event Management Planning a Successful Event

10 cp
Prerequisites ACCT100 Introduction to Accounting or BUSN104 Money Matters; BUSN111 Working with Technology, BUSN112 Managing Markets, BUSN113 Managing People and Organisations
Incompatible MGMT209 Event Management: Planning a Successful Event
Teaching organisation 12 weeks or equivalent.

The purpose of this unit is to introduce students to the principles underpinning the successful planning process for an event. Planning involves a high level of external analysis of market trends, demographics and competitors. In this unit you will learn the techniques required to develop a market analysis to underpin the event management planning process.

Critical to successful events is the management of key stakeholders, In this unit you will learn the key models of stakeholder engagement along with some practical skills for managing stakeholder expectations. You will also address the issues of risk in holding an event and devise risk mitigation and response strategies.

Communication is critical to the success of any event. Drawing on your analyses of the market and stakeholders you will create a promotional plan for an existing event. This plan will link promotional activities to strategic objectives, include and may include a wide range of marketing communication tools.

The aim of this unit is to deepen your understanding of relevant theories and frameworks which underpin successful events and to develop some practical skills in sustainable event management.