EDST272 - Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment in Science Education 1

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Teaching organisation

This unit is designed to establish a knowledge base for pre-service teachers in the areas of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment in Science Education for secondary students in the junior and middle years of secondary schooling (Years 7-10), including the philosophy, values and ethics which underpin the teaching of science. An understanding of the national curricula which is specific to Catholic, State and Independent schools will provide the focus of this unit. The unit is also designed to develop pre-service teachers’ understanding of contemporary theory, concepts and skills in Science as applied in the classroom context. A range of curriculum perspectives will be explored, including literacy, numeracy, ICT, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education, students with special needs and effective teaching. There is a focus on effective teaching and classroom management, including student engagement, participation and inclusion. Theoretical concepts, pedagogical principles and curriculum structures within Science are examined and applied in the evaluation, design and implementation of learning experiences that are responsive to the needs of diverse learners.

Pre-service teachers will become familiar with planning, resource use, assessment and evaluating science curricula and a range of best practice Science pedagogies to meet the needs of diverse learners. Learning will focus on teaching knowledge and understanding of science concepts, skills and processes to enable students to work in a scientific manner, including safety procedures and mandatory requirements.