EDSS341 - Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment

10 cp
PrerequisitePOLS140 The Global Citizen: Civics and Citizenship in a Changing World

This unit will focus on development of pre-service teachers' knowledge and skills related to teaching of humanities in primary school educational contexts. Particular focus will be given to the Australian Curriculum: Humanities and Social Sciences and other appropriate and relevant curriculum documents/frameworks related to history, geography, civics and citizenship, economics and business. Through this unit pre-service teachers will be given opportunities to enhance their capacity to make connections between the Foundations unit and apply critical analysis to the various elements of society that contribute to an informed humanities curriculum, such as environments, time, change and continuity, culture, identity, and systems, resources and power. Emphasis is placed on particular strategies and techniques such as inquiry learning and the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to support learning opportunities. Pre-service teachers will develop an enhanced knowledge and broad range of skills to plan, implement, assess and report on social science/humanities learning and teaching in primary school settings. This will include an understanding of the importance of using knowledge of students to evaluate their learning and implementing appropriate adjustments to planning and teaching.