EDMA342 - Mathematics Education 2: Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment

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EDMA241 Mathematics Education 1: Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment
Teaching Organisation

This unit is designed to provide pre-service teachers with in-depth understanding of the underlying principles and concepts that enable teachers to critically evaluate strategies in planning, implementing, monitoring and assessing learning experiences for the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics primary. Pre-service teachers will develop and implement a culturally aware and responsive curriculum and pedagogy that demonstrates concern for justice and the dignity of all. Promoting critical thinking and judgement, this unit will explore theories of mathematical learning and research into mathematics education issues and their implications for learning and teaching. The structure and content of relevant primary education mathematics curriculum will be critically reviewed, with particular emphasis on rational number, algebraic thinking, and statistics and probability. This unit will promote cognitive skills to analyse, consolidate and synthesise a range of different learning activities and teaching approaches. A range of formal and informal assessment strategies will be examined with an emphasis on using student data to inform and differentiate learning and teaching: report on student achievement and meet professional accountability requirements.