EDMA241 - Mathematics Education 1: Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment

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NMBR140 Introduction to Mathematical Thinking

This unit is designed to provide an introduction to primary school mathematics education by investigating current directions in research, the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and other relevant curriculum documents. The unit will introduce theories of knowledge needed for teaching mathematics, learning mathematics and effective teaching and learning through the content strands of Number (restricted to Whole Number), Measurement and Geometry. Emphasis will be placed on pre-service teachers' further personal development of the concepts, substance, and structure of the mathematical content as well as strategies for teaching mathematics. Approaches to learning and teaching mathematics that are effective and respectful of each student's background and culture will be a focus. A range of resources to engage students in the learning of mathematics will also be used, including digital technologies, with a view to developing students' self-esteem and a positive disposition toward mathematics. Methods of assessment will be considered to identify students' current mathematical understanding and to inform teaching.