EDMA170 - Functions Foundations of Calculus

10 cp
Prerequisites Further Mathematics (Vic) or equivalent. Students who have completed VCE Mathematical Methods 3 and 4 and/or Specialist Mathematics 3&4 or equivalent are not normally eligible to enrol in this unit.
Teaching Organisation

This unit is a preparatory mathematics unit designed to provide the necessary background knowledge and conceptual understanding of functions and an introduction to calculus for students who intend to pursue further mathematical studies with the intention of becoming a secondary mathematics teacher. The focus is on relations and functions, with differential and integral calculus are introduced using an inquiry approach with an emphasis on application, mathematical modelling and investigation. Graphical, numerical, and algebraic representations of functions and their derivative functions are emphasised particularly through the appropriate use of digital hand-held technologies. Contemporary approaches to teaching and learning mathematics are modelled in this unit, where the desire is to increase the confidence and competence of students with mathematics.