EDMA100 - Fundamentals of Mathematics and Numeracy

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The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians states that successful learners have essential skills in literacy and numeracy, are able to think deeply and logically, and are able to make sense of their world and solve problems in creative and innovative ways.

This unit uses a problem-solving approach and an emphasis on deep learning and deep knowledge of foundation mathematical content knowledge needed for teaching and participation in everyday life. Development and refinement of mathematical skills in estimation and computation, problem solving, and investigations are explored in the areas of number, measurement and data. Technical mathematical language is explored. Developing independent learners is a focus with students self-diagnosing areas for personal further development to broaden and deepen their understanding. The content and assessment in this unit highlights the ways to further develop mathematical content knowledge and how it is used in real-world contexts.

This unit aims to equip students with conceptual understanding of mathematics, skills in communicating and problem solving for teaching in primary schools.