EDLA241 - Literacy Education 1: Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment

10 cp
Prerequisites: ENGL140 Children's Literature: Worlds of Fiction or ENGL104 Exploring Literature

This unit focuses on the emergent and early literacy development of children in the early years. The teaching of reading and how children learn to read will be developed through knowledge of the processes of reading, as well as through a range of pedagogical approaches. An explicit focus on the literacy strand of the Australian Curriculum: English and the importance of grapho-phonic relationships, morphology and syntax and the role in early reading pedagogy will be foregrounded. The teaching of writing will be developed through knowledge of word, sentence and text level structures, English grammar, drafting and editing processes, and spelling awareness. These approaches include the ability to motivate, develop and extend children’s responses to literary, factual and multimodal texts; to introduce higher-order thinking strategies through critical and analytical tasks appropriate for children in the early years of primary school. Literacy teaching and assessment practices will be developed from this strong basis of understanding current literacy research with a focus on supporting the literacy learning process and will draw on the discipline knowledge developed in previous units. The unit will introduce the notion of teaching and learning as socially embedded, together with recognition of the complex contexts of teaching practice and curriculum design. Underpinning the learning in the unit is a fundamental concern for justice and equity, and the dignity of all human beings.