EDFX474 - Transforming Practice Through Critical Enquiry and Evidence-Based Practice

30 cp
Prerequisites: 100 credit points of Education Studies Units including EDFX348 Engaging Student Learning through Reflective Practice, Successful completion of LANTITE requirements
Teaching Organisation: Nil

This unit facilitates the pre-service teacher’s induction into the profession and provides opportunities for school-based critical enquiry. It enables pre-service teachers to reinforce and expand their professional knowledge and practice of the different roles of a teacher and their capacity to transform student learning. This unit aims to provide pre-service teachers with a substantial block of extended reflective professional experience that approximates the realities of everyday teaching; extends pre-service teachers’ repertoire of pedagogical skills in the planning, delivery and assessment of appropriate teaching and learning programs; and develops pre-service teacher’s understanding of the teachers’ role within the school and broader educational community. Pre-service teachers will use a critical enquiry framework to further develop capabilities in the alignment of curriculum, assessment, learning and teaching. They will collect data on their own teaching to support quality teaching practices.

This unit includes the GTPA as a capstone experience drawing on all components of the course culminating in a final, sustained and embedded professional experience of a minimum of 45 continuous days.