EDFX348 - Engaging Student Learning Through Reflective Practice

10 cp
Prerequisites EDFX271 Creating Inclusive, Safe and Supportive Learning Environments
Teaching Organisation

This unit is designed to provide pre-service teachers with a comprehensive understanding of theories and practices that underpin teaching and learning environments. In the course of this unit theoretical perspectives of teaching practice will inform and provide contexts for creating and developing learning in the classroom. The unit includes 15 days of professional experience with a minimum of a 10 day block. Pre-service teachers will develop a critical approach to teaching and learning through engaging with research, scholarship and school-based professional experience. Pre-service teachers will critically reflect on the complexities of teacher performance, classroom management strategies, planning processes, teaching strategies and social contexts that inform learning environments. The implementation of communication and interpersonal skills and information and communication technology (ICT) will be addressed within various school, classroom and community contexts. Through knowledge and implementation of various teaching strategies pre-service teachers will develop an understanding of productive pedagogy with particular reference to the importance of creating quality learning environments. During the extended professional experience placement pre-service teachers will critically engage in reflective practice to ensure that diverse learners are engaged in quality teaching.