EDFX271 - Creating Inclusive, Safe and Supportive Learning Environment

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EDFX173 Understanding the Psychology of Learning in Diverse Communities, LNTE111 Literacy and Numeracy Test
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This unit focuses on a commitment to social justice applied to inclusive education and a teacher’s duty of care. Within the context of relevant legislation, national frameworks, policy and curriculum documents, the notion of teaching for social justice, personal safety, and wellbeing is applied to develop the personal and social capabilities and meet the diverse needs of children and young people. The unit particularly focuses on the areas of gifted and talented, additional learning and support needs, those for whom English is an additional language or dialect and refugees. The unit develops pre-service teachers’ knowledge and skills to meet relevant professional and ethical requirements, communication and interpersonal skills. There will be a focus on intercultural understandings and promoting respectful relationships, in working with children and young people, and parents and colleagues, through a spirit of service and care within education settings and school communities.

The unit includes 15 days of professional experience with a minimum of 10 days of block teaching practice in one educational setting. Pre-service teachers will work in their teaching areas, with their mentor teachers, to plan and implement effective teaching and learning experiences which cater for and support learners with diverse needs. This teaching will be put into practice through mentored professional experience in secondary school classrooms.