EDFX140 - Socio-Cultural Influences on Education Community Engagement

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Teaching Organisation

This unit is designed to offer pre-service teachers an understanding of the historical context, policy frameworks and socio-cultural realities of schooling for students in Australian schools. Pre-service teachers will investigate the relationship between theory and practice by analysing how the changing economic, political, diverse social and cultural contexts impact upon children, young people and schools as potential sites for social change and justice. The significance of the wider socio-cultural context for education will be introduced through the community engagement program. The community engagement program includes a placement in a community organisation, where pre-service teachers will engage with the functions of that organisation, enhancing their understanding of the contextual factors that impact clients and staff associated with the community that is served by the community organisation. Participation encourages pre-service teachers to extend their understanding of the socio-cultural study of education, the relationship between theory and practice of education, as well as and respect for the social institutions, processes and values which underlie education in a diverse and democratic society, at the same time enhancing their understanding of the common good in action.