EDFD436 - The Ecology of Childhoods

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching Organisation Nil

This unit provides opportunities for pre–service teachers to analyse and respond to assumptions about childhoods, families and communities and the nature of early childhood experiences for young children. This unit enables pre–service teachers to use their knowledge of early childhood education to critically analyse philosophical, historical and contemporary perspectives and theories as they apply to the Australian and international early childhood context. The unit allows pre–service teachers to use their knowledge to investigate identities of young children. They will develop the capacity to critically reflect on practices of advocacy and curriculum decision making in early childhood education and care contexts. Multiple perspectives informing teaching, including cross–cultural factors, will be considered in relation to children’s play and learning. The roles, responsibilities and professional and ethical attributes of early childhood teachers will be critiqued. Concepts, theories and skills in this unit will be developed at an advanced level and opportunities for integration of theoretical and practical knowledge will be provided.