EDFD260 - Teaching and Managing Learning Environments

Teaching Organisation:

In this unit preservice teachers will address the complexities of teachers' roles and responsibilities, classroom management strategies, curriculum planning, assessment and reporting processes, teaching strategies and social contexts that inform learning environments. The unit will build upon and investigate theoretical perspectives of teaching practice and implementation to establish and maintain effective learning environments. Pre-service teachers will develop a critical understanding of approaches to teaching and learning through engaging with research, scholarship and school and centre-based professional experience. They will identify and evaluate issues relating to the safe and ethical use and development of web-based learning resources and ICTs to support and expand students' learning. The implementation of communication and interpersonal skills will be addressed within various early childhood settings, school, classroom and community contexts. Through the integrated experience of five individual days of teaching practice, pre-service teachers will develop an understanding of pedagogy with particular reference to the importance of creating quality learning environments and the complexity of implementing and managing assessment practices.