EDFD227 - Partnerships: Inclusive and Diverse Learning

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EDFD227 Early Childhood Education 3: Partnerships for Learning and EDAC225 Family Studies and Disability
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This unit enables pre-service teachers to draw on broad and specific knowledge of early childhood education to consider the form and nature of collaborative partnership within schools, early childhood education settings and the broader community. Students will apply their knowledge to develop skills to enable establishment and maintenance of collaborative partnerships with children, parents, families, colleagues, other professionals, medical specialists and community members, including skills associated with the development of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and Individual Learning Plans (ILPs). Strategies that support effective communication, conflict management, relationship building and pastoral care will be covered. Consideration of partnership will include opportunities for pre-service teachers to investigate and critically reflect on the complex nature of teachers’ work to effectively support families and promote continuity of learning for children. Students will apply critical thinking and judgement to analyse issues related to ethical and professional responsibilities of teachers, including inclusive practice and advocacy for children and families. Diverse and dynamic contexts of family life will be examined. Appreciative framework approaches will be used to develop awareness of principles and concepts informing service provision, appropriate intervention, inclusion, partnerships with and support strategies for a diverse range of families.